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Egg Donors

egg donor

In our database you can search for Egg Donors from all over the world, screened for any medical condition, infectious diseases and genetic disorders, according to the local law or policies of each country of treatment. These donors are linked to particular clinics or agencies and are included in our database only if they fulfill certain strict criteria.

With our free membership program, you will have full access to the detailed profiles of the egg donors attached to each individual. By clicking here you can see a sample form of a full donor’s profile.


Search process for the Egg Donors. It’s so simple.

Once you select the location of preference (Europe, US, etc) with few of the desired characteristics, the system will automatically provide you with a list of potential egg donors.

Click the add (+) button to select multiple egg donors or the code number e.x: DON-21360, for a unique selection. In order to proceed and have full access to the complete profile of the Egg Donor(s) you should just create a free account first.

Once the account is ready, you select the donor(s) you are interested in. Click on the «Get info & quote» button and any additional information you would like to know can be sent directly to you.

It would be advisable to select more than one donor of preference, prior your enquiries submission. This will give you alternative options in case there is no availability of the clinic or agency, in terms of dates or the particular egg donor.

You can see any time all the selected Egg Donors just by clicking in the upper right corner of the webpage, Member’s area, “See your saved enquiries”.


Can’t find an Egg Donor from the Database or you wish to get more information and personalized services?

1. Change the selected criteria.

2. Simply contact us for an initial consultation (general and educational information about the Egg Donation program you wish for), after your free account creation.

3. Proceed with our Premium membership and customized fertility services program and we’ll discuss about the best Egg Donor for you that meets your personal needs.

Remember the more details you give us, the better the matching process will be for you. Ex: Age, Treatment country, Medical history, Infertility assessment, Partner details, Donor characteristics’ and any kind of information that it could be helpful for the search process.