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Fees & Costs

In IVF Clinics Worldwide we understand that the expenses of Assisted Reproduction Techniques are extremely high and in some cases such as egg donation, surrogacy, multiple failures attempts, etc could reach thousands of euros or usd. Our portal offers an open door to all participating IVF clinics and specialists so that couples can acquire up-to-date information.

With our customized fertility services, we’ll assist you to choose the best IVF centre or treatment for your case and so you will be able to save not only a lot of money but also your precious time. We can help you make individual arrangements, so that you will be promptly served and even receive the best price, in your country or worldwide. To provide more options IVF Clinics Worldwide has created three different programs:

For Premium membership and customized services, there are three different packages fee according to your needs with no extra or hidden costs.

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Please feel free to contact us for more details about the Premium membership program.