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Pregnancy & IVF Clinics Worldwide is a unique platform offering consulting services and information to people searching Fertility and IVF options worldwide, in order to achieve the desired pregnancy.

We strongly agree with the statement, “In Vitro Fertillisation (IVF) is NOT the first choice for fertility treatments”, as Professor Robert Winston, one of the founding fathers of IVF, published years back in his book and each couple is unique with their own needs and peculiarities.

Get Pregnant Naturally

Are you trying to get pregnant naturally and you can’t?

Have you certainly followed the right steps and the desired positive result has not been achieved?

Just a single constructive discussion can change everything.

Why choose us? We are NOT an IVF clinic

We are scientists working with human reproduction for 20 years and our primary goal is to get pregnant without the help of assisted reproduction technics.

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1st time IVF?

You have decided that you have tried everything and you have no more time to waste.

You want a child. It is your right. You have to go for an IVF program for the very first time.

How confident are you in your choice?

Do you want one last opinion from specialized reproductive scientists?

Do you wish to know how to get started, what to do and what suits you and only you?

Why choose us? We are passionate about fertility

We work independently, without commitment to any Assisted Reproduction clinic.

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Customized Fertility Services

You have already made the first IVF attempt and failed. Maybe the 2nd… 3rd…

A lot of drugs, waste time, money…, maybe mistakes and without special psychological support.

You may even feel guilty. Disappointment…. Even give them up…

Probably something is wrong or is it a matter of luck? Are there any hopes?

Let’s take a step back and follow another strategy.

Why choose us? We are specialized scientists

Who knows better the secrets of human fertilization and embryos by embryologists?

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More than 20 years of experience.

More than 20.000 sub-fertile couples assisted until today.

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