Mobile phone addiction hurts male fertility

Mobile phone addiction hurts male fertility, scientists warn! Are you using your phone while charging it? Keeping it in your pocket or perhaps talking on the phone for over an hour daily? Well, if you are a man and these habits sound familiar to you then you are more likely to deal with fertility problems according to new research.

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The sperm quality of men in Western countries keeps decreasing significantly

The sperm quality of men in Western countries keeps decreasing significantly while for approximately 40% of couples struggling to conceive poor sperm quality is the cause of infertility. Heating by electromagnetic activity is to blame for a reduced sperm quality, contributing to increased infertility issues, scientists suggest.

Scientists collected data from 106 men attending a fertility clinic for a year and their study results were published in the journal of Reproductive Biomedicine  Online. They found that men who were talking on their mobile phones for over an hour daily were 50% more likely to have poor quality sperm compared to those who talked less. Moreover, men who used to use their phone while charging it were also two times more likely to suffer subfertility compared to others.
Researchers also reported that 47% of men who tend to keep their mobile phone too close to their body (less than 50 cm) had their sperm and fertilizing potential seriously affected as opposed to only 11% of the general population.

Professor Gedis Grudzinskas, a fertility consult ant St George’s Hospital London and in Harley Street commented that ‘’men should think about their well-being and stop being addicted to their phones’’. ‘’ If you wear a suit to work put the mobile phone in your chest pocket instead of close to your groin. It will decrease the risk of your sperm count dropping’’ he added.

The conclusion of this study is that men who are trying to conceive need to have their mobile phones turned off while charging them or at least keep them, minimum as far as half a meter away. Scientists advise men of reproductive age to pay attention to the study results, considering them as a warning to change their phone habits for standing a better chance when it comes to conception.

So, is hurting fertility enough reason for you to abandon your mobile phone addiction?