DHEA for Increased IVF Success Rates?

DHEA hormone administration can significantly increase IVF success rates for women treated for infertility according to a study.

This study showed that women who used DHEA hormone supplements during their treatment increased their chances of pregnancy compared to women who did not receive the supplement.


DHEA is a natural hormone supplement received by many women reaching menopause for slowing down age changes

There are many studies showed the value of DHEA supplementation to subfertile women and there are in agreement with the above findings. Some of them indicate a beneficial effect of DHEA on maintaining pregnancy as well, decreasing miscarriage incidents.

What is DHEA?

DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) is a natural hormone supplement received by many women reaching menopause for slowing down age changes, fighting anility, or as a part of infertility treatment. It is converted to testosterone and estradiol in the body and it can benefit women with poor egg reserve or low response to IVF medication.

But how safe is for women to receive DHEA supplements? Despite the fact its side effects are relatively mild it is always advisable to check with your physician before you receive any supplement. Due to its androgenic activity DHEA can cause acne, hair loss, facial hair growth, voice deepening and menstruation changes. A low dose of the hormone can keep the risk of side effects low. However women suffering from certain medical conditions like endometriosis and several cancer types (ovarian, uterine and breast cancer) have increased risk for serious DHEA side effects.

Dosage of DHEA

The doctors in the study used a 25 mg DHEA tablet 3 times a day for twelve weeks prior initiation of the IVF treatment cycle for increasing the success rates.

Its use for enhancing fertility is not always an option as there is not enough data clearly documenting its effects on this condition and in some countries like the UK is not permitted. In the US on the other hand, DHEA supplementation is fully licensed in fertility issues.

 Would you consider DHEA supplementation for boosting fertility?