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Parasitic worms increase female fertility?

Bolivian Tsimane

Can parasitic worms increase female fertility?  Accordingly to what parasitic worm is a woman’s digestive system infected with, she can conceive a child more or less easily. That is the unexpected conclusion of a quite unusual research study who studied a Bolivian tribe of the Amazon called Tsimane. The idea of conducting this piece of […]

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Women’s faces turn red during ovulation

Women’s faces turn red during ovulation

Women’s faces turn red during ovulation, study says. It appears that women’s face is redder in the middle of their cycle, during their fertile window. The study, published in ‘’PLoS ONE’’, is considered one of the most efficient in investigating the female face during a menstrual cycle. 22 college girls participated in the study conducted […]

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New embryo selection method: Zinc ‘fireworks’

Zinc fireworks

According to the new research published in Scientific Reports journal Zinc ‘fireworks’ could help subfertile couples for a successful IVF treatment. It has been previously found in animal studies that zinc is an essential element for the oocyte maturation and activation. In fact, zinc is released in great amounts in oocytes at the moment of […]

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Traveling abroad for Sex Selection

sex selection

Thanks to the advances in fertility treatments that allow doctors to identify male and female embryos, sex selection of your baby is technically possible. More couples consider such an option now and a number of them are willing to go for it no matter the cost. As a matter of fact, a significant number of […]

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The first home male fertility testing kit launches


The world’s first home male fertility testing kit, assessing semen quality and sperm concentration, is a fact and it has already been launched in the UK. For all those shy men out there, this device can save them the embarrassment of a fertility clinic as they will be able to measure their fertility at the […]

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Ask for some music to boost your success rates

music boost fertility

Have you thought about asking for some music to boost your IVF success? According to a recent study, you should! A study carried out at Marques Institute fertility clinic in Barcelona reported that music may actually improve success rates of in vitro fertilisation. In fact researchers of the Marques Institute reported an approximately 5% increase of […]

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How Contraceptive pills Could Affect Your Fertility


Nowadays, most women are aware of the importance of contraception when they start their sexual life; however, the question how contraceptive pills could affect fertility remains unclear to many of them. Despite the easy access to information there are still several misconceptions about the side effects of contraception methods. Fertility issues is a common one […]

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Green tea for increasing fertility?

green tea

If you are trying for a baby, a cup of green tea could be a great option for increasing your fertility and boosting your pregnancy chances. Green tea is definitely a good, healthy coffee alternative decreasing your daily caffeine intake which in excess can harm fertility and negatively affect conception. So, limiting caffeine intake is […]

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Olive oil triples IVF success

olive oil

Women who are trying to achieve pregnancy through IVF it would be advisable to add foods like olive oil and avocado to their diet as they could triple IVF success rates, according to American researchers. An American study revealed that such could even triple chances of pregnancy following an IVF attempt, thanks to the kind […]

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How Daily Sex Improves Sperm Quality

How Daily Sex Improves Sperm Quality1

Can frequent sex improve sperm quality? This has been a debate among fertility specialists for quite a long. What doctors usually advise couples trying to conceive is to have sex every second day, so that there is time for semen to restore its sperm cells count. It is true that frequent ejaculation harms sperm count and […]

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Anti-Müllerian Hormone: A Marker for Fertility

AMH levels seem to affect pregnancy chances after IVF treatment

Anti-Müllerian Hormone: A Marker for Fertility Many fertility specialists consider Anti-Müllerian Hormone (AMH) a reliable marker for female fertility. Actually, they can assess a woman’s ovary function or dysfunction by measuring this specific hormone. Anti-Müllerian hormone is an essence produced in granule cells of primary, pre-antral and antral follicles in the ovary. As the follicles […]

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IVF procedure

pomegranate - Fertility

IVF PROCEDURE    by Dr Ioannis Giakoumakis IVF procedure is not one simple, but a series of several medical and laboratory steps. The steps involved in this procedure are: Ovarian stimulation Egg retrieval (collection) Sperm retrieval Fertilisation Embryo transfer Ovarian stimulation A combination of medications (commonly termed fertility drugs) and hormones are usually given to […]

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Sunlight exposure makes women more fertile

Sunlight is related with fertility

There are numerous health benefits of sunlight and one of them is linked to increased fertility. Sunlight exposure makes women more fertile, boosting their chances to conceive according to a new Belgian research study. Researchers of University Hospital Ghent’s Centre for Reproductive Medicine, analyzed success rates of 6.000 women who underwent IVF treatment over a […]

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Global Warming Affects Birth Rates


Climate change can affect people and the environment in many ways. It now seems that climate affects birth rates as well. A new study reports that global warming leads to a declining number of births. More specifically, according to research by the National Bureau of Economic Research in Massachusetts, high temperatures could decrease sexual desire […]

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Natural Ways for Enhancing Fertility

Yoga and meditation can boost fertility

1 in 8 couples worldwide have trouble getting pregnant. If you are one of them you might want to try some natural ways for enhancing fertility, before you turn to complex fertility treatments; avoiding costly fertility drugs, injections and all these disturbing procedures involved in typical medical treatments, is enough of a reason for many […]

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Low Dose Aspirin May Boost Female Fertility

Low dose aspirin may boost female fertility

Aspirin boosts female fertility, according to a new American study. Researchers from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development in Maryland, USA discovered that aspirin at low doses can actually increase chances of pregnancy and live birth rate. Today, Aspirin is one of the most commonly used drugs. In 2005, 43 million adults […]

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Ovulation Calculator: Because Timing Matters

Ovulation Calculator

Whether you are considering the potential of getting pregnant or systematically trying to conceive, you are probably going to need an ovulation calculator; because timing matters when it comes to fertility.One in two couples is trying to conceive the wrong days of the woman’s ovulation cycle, probably due to lack of knowledge. A better understanding […]

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Why We Love Pregnancy (and you should too)

Why We Love Pregnancy

The birth of a baby is a life event that can’t be compared to any other experience in terms of significance and importance. The responsibility of nurturing and watching children grow and develop changes the appreciation of life and health, with a resulting long term impact upon individuals, families and ultimately, society.Giving birth to a […]

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Egg Donation On The Rise

Egg Donation On The Rise

Egg donation is the process by which a fertile woman donates her eggs to an infertile woman for purposes of assisted reproduction. According to recent statistical studies, egg donation for IVF appears to be on the rise as the number of women using egg donors to get pregnant is constantly increasing. — and with good […]

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More Sex May Boost Fertility

Sex May Boost Fertility

Sex at any time induces immunity changes that may boost fertility, enhancing chances of conception. That is what an American study, currently published to ‘’Fertility and Sterility’’ and ‘’Physiology and Behavior’’, reported. Researchers from the University of Indiana, collected data from thirty women in order to investigate how the immune system of women who were […]

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