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Clinics’ Prices and Special Fertility Offers & Discounts


It is well known that Assisted Reproduction Techniques have very high costs, in addition to the high expenses for medications or the necessary diagnostic examinations. Furthermore, fertility treatment costs vary (even thousands of usd or euros) according to the country that take place. In this section, you can find many clever ways to:

√  compare prices

√  find offers and discounts

√  choose between guarantee programs and a lot of other ways to save money.

The Offers/Discounts or guarantee programs are linked to particular clinics or agencies and their presence in our database is only informative. That means we don’t have any responsibility for the information or their availability provided by clinics or agencies.

Search process for Prices-Offers-Discounts. It’s so simple.

Once you select the location of preference (Europe, US, etc) and the desired offer category, the system will automatically provide you with a list of offers/discounts.

Click the add (+) button to select an offer or discount and your preference will be stored to your account for your future search.

In order to proceed and have access to the complete description of the discounts, offers or prices you should create a free account first.

You can see any time the selected Offer or Discount just by clicking in the upper right corner of the web page, Member’s area, “See your saved preferences”.

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Which treatment or service exactly are you looking for: Gender selection, Fertility preservation, Egg freezing, Embryo donation, Sperm donation, Singles / unmarried couples, Genetic testing of embryos – PGD, NGS, a-CGH, Time lapse monitoring, IMSI, IVM, PISCI, Era test, etc and any kind of information that it could be helpful for the search process.