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Country / City
Katowice, Poland
Żelazna 1, 40-851 Katowice, Katowice, Poland
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About the Clinic

Gyncentrum Clinic is one of the leading fertility treatment facilities in Poland. Our doctors are specialists with over 20 years of experience. Their expertise is proven not only by long professional careers, but also by numerous certificates, awards and prestigious internships.

Gyncentrum tries to provide patients with the most advanced techniques of assisted reproductive treatment, including IMSI/ICSI, oocytes and embryos vitrification, PGD diagnosis, Primo Vision, EmbryoGlue, EmbryoGen, Oosight System, Assisted Hatching, SCA/CASA System. As the first clinic in Poland we introduced OCTAX Ferti Proof System, ensuring control and tracebility of all procedures in the IVF lab.

Why to choose our clinic?

Gyncentrum Clinic is a private medical facility dedicated to helping people fulfilling their biggest dream of building a family. For years we have been at the forefront of infertility treatment in Poland. We use the latest techniques and treatment methods of assisted reproduction available. The well-being of our patients is of paramount importance to us.

What makes us unique?

  • excellence medical treatment
  • comprehensive evaluation and care
  • the most advanced equipment
  • the latest techniques of in Vitro treatment
  • a wide range of services
  • lower costs

Our staff is knowledgeable, friendly and very helpful and our patients are given the highest attention at every stage of the treatment. Clinic’s facility was designed to provide a calm and intimate atmosphere to make all patients, those who have already fulfilled their dreams of having a baby and those who are still in the middle of fulfilling that dream, feel comfortable and secure.

Our patients visiting us from the outside of Poland are well-taken care of. We provide them with all the necessary information and help, making their stay in Poland an unforgettable experience.  We’re always willing to help with accommodation and the airport transportation so they can be focused primarily on the treatment process. Our international patients are guaranteed to receive assistance step by step. This includes the time before they come to Poland and after they arrive in our country. All couples visiting us from abroad are serviced by a separate coordinator, specialist highly qualified in a Medical Tourism. Additionally, the direct e-mail and a phone number are dedicated to them to ensure that all their questions are answered as prompt as possible. We make sure our patients’ stay in Poland runs smoothly, the medical treatment is efficient and that the they do not need to stay abroad for a long period of time, so it does not have an impact on their personal life. All necessary materials and documentation is translated into English, and the patients are able to talk to the doctors in English, German, Polish and Czech.

Our staff

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Our facilities

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Quality and accreditations

  • “The highest quality of treatment” confirmed with Złote Godło QI in 2014 & 2015
  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013, PN-N-18001:2004, ISO 14001:2004, ISO 9001:2008
  • UK NEQAS Reproductive Science
  • QuaDeGa GmbH – Quality control scheme of the German Society of Andrology
  • Labquality certification
  • International Patient Care Award 2015


Languages spoken

Czech, English, German, Polish


  • IVF (In vitro fertilization)
  • IVM (In Vitro Maturation)
  • ICSI (IntraCytoplasmic Sperm Injection)
  • AH (Assisted Hatching)
  • IUI (Intra Uterine Insemination)
  • Sperm Aspiration (TESA)
  • Blastocyst Transfer
  • Egg Freezing
  • Embryo Freezing
  • FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer)
  • PGD (Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis)
  • Donor Eggs (Fresh)
  • Donor Eggs (Frozen)
  • Donor Embryos
  • IMSI
  • Time Lapse Embryo Monitoring System
  • Donor Sperm
  • Sperm Freezing

Egg Donation Program

Short description of the program:

Poor ovarian reserve, premature ovarian failure or other unforeseen complications do not ruin your chance of motherhood. The development of medicine and help of other women gives you the chance to get pregnant and give birth to a healthy baby. Thanks to the Gyncentrum International Sperm and Egg Bank you will easily find a donor that meets your requirements perfectly, and soon the dream of in Vitro will come true.
For the egg donation program we invite women whose problems are:
• inability to obtain proper ova
• lack of their own oocytes by genetic predispositions, premature ovarian insufficiency, premature menopause or ovariectomy (removal of one or both ovaries)
• a history of unsuccessful attempts of in Vitro fertilization
• a history of anti-cancer treatment
Each donor undergoes many rigorous tests and only the positive result of every test allows to participate in the oocyte donation program. You can be sure that we offer oocytes of:
• young donors between ages of 20 to 32
• healthy (all tests are done by our specialists)
• having at least one healthy baby
• with no genetic diseases (confirmed with karyotype test)
• with no viral diseases
• addiction free
• having at least high school diploma

Legal status in country:
  • Donor anonymity
  • Max No embryos for transfer: 2
  • Donor Sperm
  • Donor Embryos
  • Frozen Eggs
  • Frozen Embryos
  • PGD

No of Eggs guarantee: 8

Medications Included? Yes

Total costs for fresh cycle: €4500

Total costs for frozen cycle: €4500

What the costs include
  • Consultation
  • Egg Donor medication
  • Pick up
  • ICSI
  • Blastocyst culture
  • Embryo transfer
  • No of Visits: all visits are free within package, Others: ultrasounds, semen analysis, viral tests, patient's blood test, chlamydia trachomatis, oocytes
Money back guarantee program:


Additional Services:

  • Online consultations / Skype
  • Telephone consultations
  • Translation services
  • Parking
  • On site Pharmacy
  • Public transport access
Travel Assistance
  • General travelling assistance: Yes

Success Rates

IVF/ICSI Clinical Pregnancy & Live Birth Rates (Fresh/Thaw Cycles)*
<35 35-37 38-40 41-42 >42
Fresh Cycles 43%
Frozen/Thaw cycles

A "clinical pregnancy" has a pregnancy sac seen in the uterus on ultrasound exam.
The "live birth rate" is the percentage of all IVF cycles that lead to a live birth. This rate does not include miscarriage or still birth and multiple-order births such as twins and triplets are counted as one pregnancy.

IVF/ICSI Clinical Pregnancy Rates (Egg Donation Cycles)
Fresh donor egg embryos Thawed donor egg embryos
61% 61%

Learn more aboutsuccess rates.


  • Consultations: Free within package
  • Ultrasounds during ovarian stimulation: Free within package
  • ICSI (IntraCytoplasmic Sperm Injection): €1000
  • AH (Assisted Hatching): €120
  • IUI (Intra Uterine Insemination): €180
  • Blastocyst Transfer: No additional cost
  • FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer): €250
  • PGD (Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis): Starting from €850
  • Donor Sperm: €490
  • Egg Freezing & Storage: From €130
  • Sperm Freezing & Storage: €100
  • Embryo Freezing & Storage: €130
  • Sperm Aspiration (TESA): €300
  • IVM (In vitro maturation): €150
  • PICSI: €2400
  • IMSI: €2400
General Services
  • Translation services: Free
  • General travelling assistance: Free
Other Payment Information
  • Free initial consultation
  • Credit cards

Short description of the fertility national law or policies in the country:

There is no age limit- the patients are qualified for a treatment based on medical examinations.

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