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Newlife IVF

Country / City
Thessaloniki, Greece
171, ETHNIKIS ANTISTASEOS STREET & BOUBOULINAS STREET Zip Code: 551 34, Thessaloniki, Greece
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About the Clinic

Newlife IVF is one of the leading IVF clinics in Greece providing the full range of fertility investigations and treatments, including a highly successful egg donation programme. Our superior experience with international patients as well as our high pregnancy rates makes us one of the most popular IVF clinics abroad.

Why to choose our clinic?

We fully understand that you have a choice of IVF clinics abroad. Nowadays there are lots of countries to choose from. But we like to think that what we offer is special and unique. We provide services aimed solely at ensuring your treatment is as successful and as stress-free as possible.


We focus on personal communication and aim to get to know everyone individually. We all speak English fluently, and most of us have trained and worked in the UK and other European countries.

We offer extra services such as:

  • Longer office visits
  • Personal email correspondence
  • Free Skype appointments
  • Mobile phone availability 24/7


Dedicated International Team

You will have a dedicated team comprised of a fertility specialist and a clinical embryologist who will personally deal with you whilst you are abroad and back at home. We will be available to listen to all your concerns and offer assistance.

Individual Treatment Plans

Unlike other IVF clinics, we tailor everyone’s therapy individually.

High Success Rates

Our results speak for themselves. We are happy to publish them so that you can be confident you have chosen the right clinic.

Low Cost IVF Treatment

We offer an affordable low cost option compared to other European countries.


Thessaloniki is an excellent holiday destination enchanting visitors with its beauty and rich cultural heritage. It is a modern city combining a vivid nightlife, shopping, fine dining and cultural events and is only a short distance from the magnificent beaches of Chalkidiki.

Our facilities

Newlife IVFNewlife IVFNewlife IVF






Newlife IVFNewlife IVF





Quality and accreditations

We have attained ISO accreditation ISO 9001:2008 for our services. In order to maintain our ISO accreditation we monitor ourselves by asking our patients to complete anonymous patient satisfaction forms. The rate of positive feedback is above 90%, regardless of the outcome of treatment. This surpasses the 80% ISO required satisfaction rate.

Currently, we are working on acquiring ISO ΕΝ 15224:2012.

Moreover, Newlife IVF is really pleased to be recognised as an official clinic supporter of Infertility Network UK.

Standard and Safety abroad

Our emphasis is on quality and your safety. As well as adhering to the strict guidelines laid down by the Greek government, we have also been awarded an ISO accreditation.
We work according to the scientific guidelines of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) and the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM).

Languages spoken

English, Greek, Italian


  • IVF (In vitro fertilization)
  • IVM (In Vitro Maturation)
  • ICSI (IntraCytoplasmic Sperm Injection)
  • AH (Assisted Hatching)
  • Surrogacy
  • IUI (Intra Uterine Insemination)
  • Sperm Aspiration (TESA)
  • Blastocyst Transfer
  • Testicular Biopsy (TESE)
  • Egg Freezing
  • Embryo Freezing
  • FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer)
  • PGD (Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis)
  • Donor Eggs (Fresh)
  • Donor Eggs (Frozen)
  • Donor Embryos
  • Donor Sperm
  • Sperm Freezing
  • Sex selection: (only legally allowed for medical reasons)

Egg Donation Program

Short description of the program:

How we coordinate our egg donation process abroad
We run a successful egg donation program, according to the National Legislation and the European Directives. All egg donor IVF cycles are fresh and each donor is prepared for one recipient. This means that a recipient will have a minimum guaranteed number of eggs (around 8-10). Using fresh eggs maximizes your chances of success.
Approximately, 80-90% of our egg donation patients have surplus good quality embryos to freeze. This means that if a cycle is not successful, a second attempt can be undertaken with the use of frozen embryos at a minimum cost and with a much shorter stay in Greece. Furthermore, freezing surplus embryos will mean that any subsequent frozen embryo transfers may result in a biological sibling.
Initial contact
Once you contact us to enquire about donor egg IVF treatment we will set up a call to either speak via telephone or Skype.
First consultation
If you attend in person for your first consultation with us, we will be able to undertake some blood tests and also freeze a semen sample. This visit does not need to last more than a day so you can easily return home the same day if required. Once we receive your blood groups and photographs we need approximately 2 months to find a suitable donor and then organise your cycle. There are no waiting lists for donors at Newlife. We will start you and your donor’s medications simultaneously.
Length of stay
The maximum number of days you need to stay in Greece is approximately 10 days. During that time you will not have to be bed ridden and can enjoy a lovely holiday in magical Greece.
Once egg collection has occurred and ICSI performed, we leave the embryos to develop in the laboratory. We check them at intervals to monitor which ones are growing normally. If a blastocyst transfer is deemed appropriate, then we leave the embryos to develop until day 5 post egg collection. Embryo transfer will occur on day 5 and we will also freeze any surplus good quality embryos at this time. You are then able to travel home.
Post treatment follow up
We will be in touch with you to find out if you are successful or not. We can also answer any questions or concerns you have about how you are feeling. You can use our Pregnancy Calculator to find out when you are due to give birth.

Legal status in country:
  • Age limit for embryo transfer: 50
  • Donor anonymity
  • Donor Sperm
  • Donor Embryos
  • Frozen Eggs
  • Frozen Embryos
  • PGD
  • Surrogacy
  • Sex selection: (only legally allowed for medical reasons)

Waiting period for recipient: 2-3 months

No of Eggs guarantee: 10-14

Medications Included? No

Medications Included? (Yes, for donors medications / No, for recipient medications)

Total costs for fresh cycle: 5500 Euro

What the costs include
  • Consultation
  • Partner’s frozen sperm
  • Egg Donor medication
  • Pick up
  • ICSI
  • AH (Assisted Hatching)
  • Blastocyst culture
  • Embryo transfer
  • • No of Visits: As many as required
Money back guarantee program:


Additional Services:

  • Emergency service
  • Online consultations / Skype
  • Telephone consultations
  • Translation services
  • Parking
  • Public transport access
  • On site Pharmacy: (Nearby collaborating pharmacy)

Travel Assistance
  • General travelling assistance: Yes

Success Rates

IVF/ICSI Clinical Pregnancy & Live Birth Rates (Fresh/Thaw Cycles)*
<35 35-37 38-40 41-42 >42
Fresh Cycles 61.54 % 71.05 % 50.75 % 45.45 % 31.25 %
Frozen/Thaw cycles
Frozen/Thaw cycles Overall:  38.2%

A "clinical pregnancy" has a pregnancy sac seen in the uterus on ultrasound exam.
The "live birth rate" is the percentage of all IVF cycles that lead to a live birth. This rate does not include miscarriage or still birth and multiple-order births such as twins and triplets are counted as one pregnancy.

IVF/ICSI Clinical Pregnancy Rates (Egg Donation Cycles)
Fresh donor egg embryos Thawed donor egg embryos
68.10 % 61.70 %

Learn more aboutsuccess rates.


  • Consultations: FREE
  • Ultrasounds during ovarian stimulation: FREE onsite
  • IVF (In vitro fertilization): 3200 Euro
  • ICSI (IntraCytoplasmic Sperm Injection): No extra charge
  • AH (Assisted Hatching): FREE
  • IUI (Intra Uterine Insemination): 350 Euro
  • Blastocyst Transfer: No extra charge
  • FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer): 1400 Euro
  • PGD (Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis): Depending on case
  • Donor Eggs (Fresh): 5500 Euro
  • Donor Embryos: from 5750 Euro
  • Donor Sperm: from 250 Euro
  • Egg Freezing & Storage: 2250 Euro (IVF + Egg Freezing) + 200 Euro annually after the first year
  • Sperm Freezing & Storage: 250 Euro + 200 Euro annually after the first year
  • Embryo Freezing & Storage: 300 Euro + 200 Euro annually after the first year
  • Testicular Biopsy (TESE): 700 Euro
General Services
  • Translation services: FREE for English
  • General travelling assistance: FREE
  • Pick up from the airport: 15 Euro
  • Pick up from the hotel: Depending on location
Other Payment Information
  • Free initial consultation
  • Credit cards

Short description of the fertility national law or policies in the country:

The website of the National Authority of Assisted Reproduction is and all legal information can be found on this site.

Regarding the number of embryos to be transferred the Law specifically states:

In women under the age of 35 using their own eggs, it is permitted to transfer one or two embryos.
In women over 35 and under 40 years of age using their own eggs, it is permitted to transfer up to two embryos in the first and second treatment cycles. Three embryos are allowed in their third cycle and any following treatment cycles.
In women 40 years of age using their own eggs, it is permitted to transfer up to three embryos.
In women over the age of 40 using their own eggs, it is permitted to transfer up to four embryos.
In the case that the embryos have developed from the use of donor eggs, it is permitted only to transfer up to 2 embryos.
It is also obligatory to sign a consent stating which scenario one belongs in and how many embryos are to be transferred prior to embryo transfer.

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