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Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) & Gender selection

Assisted reproduction has revolutionized medicine for infertile couples. PGD on embryos was the next step to follow and created many contradictions in the scientific and religious society. PGD was referred to as a new era of eugenics.

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Diagnosing diseases in preimplantation embryos in order to transfer only healthy ones and discard those diagnosed pathological, found many religious leaders opposite to this practice.

Sex selectionDue to these contradictions, PGD varies significantly among countries (.pdf file). In a number of countries, it is totally forbidden, whereas in others it is only applied to couples diagnosed with certain genetic diseases. On the other side, some countries allow PGD for sex selection (.pdf file) without any other indication.

Finally, costs vary according to the country and the reason for performing PGD. It can range from 150 for every biopsied embryo to 10.000 euro for all embryos when diagnosing complicated genetic diseases. The cost of the treatment cycle and medication should also be added to total expenses.