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Sperm donors

Sperm donation is an act of generosity and social contribution. Its goal is to offer a gift of life to people who are unable to get pregnant: the creation of a family.

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More on Sperm Donor

Participating in a sperm donation program is voluntary and according to each country’s legislation, a sperm donor could receive money or not. Sperm donors can be compensated only for travel expenses and loss of income due to their absence from work, in order to perform the semen collection.

According to the law, sperm donation (.pdf file) can be anonymous or not, meaning that the child or children born as a result of the attempted assisted reproduction method may or may not have access to information regarding their biological father.

Furthermore, sperm donation may be considered illegal in a number of countries, thus giving rise to global medical tourism. Many couples or single women would travel abroad, to countries where sperm donation is legal, in order to have a child.