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More Sex May Boost Fertility

Sex at any time induces immunity changes that may boost fertility, enhancing chances of conception. That is what an American study, currently published to ‘’Fertility and Sterility’’ and ‘’Physiology and Behavior’’, reported.

Sex May Boost Fertility

American scientists proved that sexual activity can affect Fertility

Researchers from the University of Indiana, collected data from thirty women in order to investigate how the immune system of women who were sexually active is regulated compared to those who were not. The study was led by Dr. Lorenz, a researcher at the Kinsey Institute of Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction. They found clear differences regarding the immune system regulation between the two study groups.

‘’It is already known that frequent sexual intercourse is recommended to couples who want to achieve pregnancy, even if it’s outside of a woman’s ovulation cycle. However, for the first time we can actually scientifically document that intercourse promotes immunity types in the body that can boost fertility and support conception. In fact, even for non-fertile days the body, during sex, prepares itself in advance for a potential pregnancy’’, Dr. Lorenz explained.

In the paper published in ‘’Fertility and Sterility’’ the scientific team used saliva samples from thirty healthy premenopausal women at the four phases of the women’s cycle (menstrual, follicular, ovulatory, and luteal). Half of them were sexually active while the other half was abstaining from sex.

They discovered that women who were sexually active exhibited greater changes to helper T cells and proteins related to the body’s ability to get ready for possible pregnancy changes. Moreover, the same group was found to have higher levels of helper T cells in overall, which are believed to assist the body to adjust to pregnancy during the luteal phase of the cycle.

This study was repeated under the same conditions, using data from other 32 premenopausal women. The outcome confirmed the results from the first study, as published in ‘’Physiology and Behavior’’.

It has been previously shown that immunity changes occur during pregnancy, after labor and during menstrual cycle. But now for the first time the American scientists proved that sexual activity can actually affect the function of the immune system. In other words more sex may boost fertility!!!

 What do think? Is this a good reason for having more sex?

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