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Our program

Pregnancy  & IVF Clinics Worldwide is a unique platform offering help and information to people searching Fertility and IVF options worldwide.

Our program

Customized Fertility Services

Browsing through Pregnancy & IVF Clinics Worldwide:

•  We offer customized fertility services according to your personal needs. All the IVF Clinics Worldwide team will help you explore all your options for the best possible treatment. With our Fertility Services, it will be possible to get personalized assistance and support in order to take the right decision without wasting your time and your money.

•  You can ask anytime for consultation for general, educational and special information about your case.

•  You can search through the most comprehensive database of fertility specialists and assisted conception clinics in the world.

•   You can create an account and request specific information from clinics regarding treatments they offer, using our customized services. 

•  We try to give you up-to-date information from fertility clinics and specialists from all over the world, which may not be available in your country or may have much higher costs or waiting lists.

•  In our unique worldwide special fertility prices and discounts section, we try to find and make available to you offers and discounts from fertility clinics especially decided for our members only.

•  IVF Clinics Worldwide try also to facilitate searching and selecting an Egg Donor candidate from a huge online database, based on a number of crucial criteria. Our efforts are concentrated to accumulate Egg Donors from fertility clinics and agencies worldwide and integrate all profiles within one global server.

•  You will be informed about related articles from our newsletters including the latest news and breakthrough techniques regarding fertility and assisted conception.

•  You are free to participate in our blog and get connected with people from all over the world, sharing personal thoughts about any fertility issue.

•  In our clinics’ review section, you can assist other couples to learn about the service you received, facilitating their choices.

For more details check our Fertility Services Program