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Juan Manuel Martínez de María

Country / City
spain, Alicante
Ob/Gyn – Fertility specialist
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About the Doctor

Dr Martínez de María gained a degree in Medicine from the Autonomous University of Madrid (1987-1993) and later specialised in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the La Paz Hospital in Madrid between 1994 and 1997.  He was awarded a Master’s Degree in Human Reproduction from the Complutense University in Madrid and the Spanish Fertility Society (school year 2005/6).

From 2005 to date, he has worked exclusively in the field of Reproductive Medicine and he carried out medical healthcare and scientific work in Tambre clinic (where he was the Head of Nursing and, later, Medical Director) and in the Madrid IVF clinic.

In 2012, he set up the Human Reproduction unit at Unilabs laboratories and worked there as Medical Director until November, 2015. He has been working in the Reproductive Medicine department at Instituto Bernabeu in Alicante since February 2016.

His main areas of scientific interest are polycystic ovary syndrome and recurrent embryo implantation failure. He is a firm supporter of global, personalised patient healthcare.

Languages spoken

English, Spanish



Contact Info

  • Doctor name: Juan Manuel Martínez de María
  • Country: spain

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