Natural Ways for Enhancing Fertility

1 in 8 couples worldwide have trouble getting pregnant. If you are one of them

Yoga and meditation can boost fertility

Yoga and meditation are two popular stress reduction practices among people, with possible positive and natural way for enhancing fertility

you might want to try some natural ways for enhancing fertility, before you turn to complex fertility treatments; avoiding costly fertility drugs, injections and all these disturbing procedures involved in typical medical treatments, is enough of a reason for many couples.

There are several folk customs applying to different cultures about enhancing fertility, more or less weird. Chunky fertility statues, special dances, spells and even…cute hitting with sacrificed goat skin in ancient Roman fertility celebrations.

Well you don’t need to go this far, there are simpler more natural ways for enhancing your fertility and here are a few suggestions:

Get some sleep: Sleep deprivation induces a decrease of leptin hormone levels. This decrease causes the brain to suspend the less fundamental functions of the body like ovulation, causing irregular periods and infertility.

Just relax! The more stressed a woman is the harder it is for her to conceive. If typical exercise is not your cup of tea, there are a number of alternative ways for reducing stress levels and perhaps improving your fertility chances. Yoga and meditation are two popular stress reduction practices among people, with possible positive effects on pregnancy chances.

In 2012, approximately 21 and 17 million adults practiced yoga and meditation respectively in USA. According to researchers, couples who took part in a program incorporating yoga, meditation, emotional support and diet changes had a 50% fertility rate within one year. This study was based on the ongoing programs at the mind-body Institute at Harvard University.

Apricots and orange fruits: An old custom in China wants the bride to be to consume fresh apricots for enhancing fertility, since the mineral content of the fruit promotes sexual hormone production. As for men, researchers of the University of West Australia showed that orange colored fruits (β-Carotene) with antioxidant properties like apricots, melons, mangoes and carrots, as well as vitamin E-rich foods, could help them maintain their sperm healthy.

Ankle massage: According to reflexology, ankles are sensitive parts of our body with many nerve fiber endings that correspond directly to the most erogenous body zones. The outside of the ankles, specifically, is the most vital area for reproductive health so massage of these spots enhances fertility.

Would you consider such options for enhancing your fertility?

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