Ask for some music to boost your success rates

Have you thought about asking for some music to boost your IVF success? According to a recent study, you should!

music boost fertility

Music may actually improve success rates of In Vitro Fertilisation.

A study carried out at Marques Institute fertility clinic in Barcelona reported that music may actually improve success rates of in vitro fertilisation. In fact researchers of the Marques Institute reported an approximately 5% increase of fertilisation rates for eggs incubated under the sound of different types of music genres.

Researchers collected and analyzed approximately 1,000 eggs from 114 different patients attended the fertility clinic. Those eggs were injected with sperm and then split into two groups. The first group of eggs was incubated into an incubator connected with an iPod and a loud speaker system playing all kinds of music; from pop (Michael Jackson and Madonna to classical works by Bach Mozart and Vivaldi and even heavier metal sounds from Nirvana and Metallica. The second group of eggs was kept into conventional incubators without any music application.

Once the incubation period was completed they assessed fertilisation success rates for both group. They found that success rates were higher by 4.8% in the incubators in which music had been played.

Fertility experts explain that no matter how weird this outcome may sound it is based on scientific facts. The key factor here is the vibrations produced by music sound, as embryos cannot hear music until they grow up to 14 weeks.  Researchers believe that these vibrations may actually help the fertilized eggs remove their toxic waste products. It is also possible that vibrations could ease the nutrients passage into the egg.

According to the study researchers, music can be a way of mimicking the natural environment of the embryo. The embryo has to go a long way from the fallopian tubes all the way up to the womb keeping it in motion, experiencing a dynamic environment with vibrations that could possibly ease its waste products’ discard.

Previous research has shown that dynamic incubation could possibly promote successful embryo development so music might just be an easy way of achieving such a dynamic embryo culture.  The first IVF baby to be created in the presence of music was born in the UK just a few years ago.

So, if music can give your eggs good vibes what tunes would you want on their IVF playlist?

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