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N/C (Natural Cycle)

N/C (Natural Cycle) is a treatment option for women who are unable or do not want to take fertility drugs. Women may not wish to go through a new stimulation cycle, after a failed treatment and choose a simpler and less demanding option, such as the Natural Cycle.

Why choose Natural Cycle as fertility treatment?

Some women have already tried ovarian stimulation with fertility drugs but still produce one egg. In such cases, repeating ovarian stimulation is useless, since one egg is released during the normal monthly cycle.

Women with poor ovarian reserve (usually women of advanced reproductive age), their FSH levels are already high enough (>25 IU/L), that administrating extra FSH with daily injections is useless. FSH injections aim to raise FSH levels in order to stimulate multiple follicular growth. However, in these women, FSH levels are already elevated.

What are the advantages of a Natural Cycle fertility treatment

no medicinesN/C (Natural Cycle) treatment offers the advantage of avoiding pharmaceutical ovarian stimulation. Moreover, endometrial receptivity is markedly increased in natural cycles compared to ovarian stimulation cycles.
During a natural cycle, the endometrium is not exposed to elevated estrogen concentrations levels, occurring during stimulated cycles.
Moreover, the collected oocyte is the one that would be normally released during a normal menstrual cycle and it is expected to be of superior quality compared to oocytes collected from stimulated cycles.

What are the disadvantages of Natural Cycle fertility treatment

For women receiving natural cycle IVF, only one in three will complete the treatment with an embryo transfer. The oocyte may not be collected or it may not develop into an embryo so as to proceed with an embryo transfer. All these may also occur in stimulated IVF cycles, however multiple follicular growth, encounters such unfortunate options.