Fertility yoga-go alternative!

fertility yogaThere are many types of yoga and ‘’fertility yoga’’ is one of them.  Fertility yoga has much to offer to your body, and could make an excellent alternative method for boosting fertility, preparing your body for future pregnancy.

Most people think of yoga as an activity that contributes to body and mind empowerment, keeping them fit. But yoga is more than that. Yoga poses apart from toning up are supposed to help your body regain balance. An overall balance, of all parts and functions performed in your body, including your reproductive system.

But what is fertility yoga? Fertility yoga is a specialized yoga program designed to support both the reproductive and endocrine system which are equally important to conception. This specialized exercise can increase the energy flow in the body, improving the functions of reproductive and endocrine system.

Fertility yoga, as most yoga programs, helps the body to maintain homeostasis which is essential for the body’s proper function. It consists of a special series of exercises that support reproductive health. Each exercise-pose of this series positively affects the reproductive and/or endocrine system, in terms of hormonal balance.

For optimum results fertility yoga is commonly combined with a natural fertility treatment or other alternative therapies like acupuncture and fertility massage. Moreover, along with fertility yoga, a healthy balanced diet is necessary for improving your fertility and your overall health.

Collectively, some of the benefits of fertility yoga:

  • – It strengthens the endocrine system and promotes hormonal balance
  • – Increases blood supply of the reproductive system
  • – Supports the immune system and helps your body detox
  • – Offers body invigoration and general well-being
  • – Reduces stress

Since gentle exercise is vital for fertility, there is no harm in trying yoga. 30 minutes per day, 3 to 5 times per week could work magic. Moreover, trying for a baby can sometimes be quite stressful, especially if it takes longer to conceive than expected. In that aspect, the anti-stress effect of yoga can also contribute to an improved fertility since stress and anxiety have been linked to infertility.

Would you try yoga and other alternative methods for improving your pregnancy chances?

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