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What is Pregnancy & IVF Clinics Worldwide?

Our platform consists of a team, with highly valued members working in the field of reproduction and assisted conception for many years.

We very well know the special needs of subfertile couples who seek consultation, the ideal clinics or information in order to achieve their long standing desire, a successful pregnancy.

Pregnancy & IVF Clinics Worldwide also offers an electronic link between reputable assisted conception units and couples interested in their services.

It provides information about fertility, IVF clinics’ services worldwide and searching assistance to patients according to their needs and demands.

Are you an agency or a clinic?

We are not a clinic, neither an agency. Our web resource is independent and we list fertility clinics and agencies worldwide.

Our main services are intended for any person, woman or couple looking for a full overview of their fertility health.

Also, in our world platform we'll try to bring to your attention the most comprehensive and easy-to-browse database of fertility clinics, egg donors, specialists, and any offers or discounts and so help you locate the clinic which will fully meet your expectations.

What is the Members' Area?

The Members' Area aims exclusively to patients and it's free.

When a patient creates the account on our website has access to all Egg Donors and Offers/Discounts database.
Please keep reading the following questions in this area for more.

I am a patient. What's your Online Fertility Services?

Our main services are intended for any person, woman or couple looking for a full overview of their fertility health.
Your personalized treatment service starts with your online specialist’s visit.

The steps:

→ Choose the service suits for your needs:
 Natural pregnancy
 1st time IVF
 Customized fertility services

→ Read what’s included

→ Ask for an appointment with your registration

→ Get the confirmation of the appointment with all the details

For more information click here.

I am a patient. I want to search for Clinics, Specialists, Egg Donors and fertility Discounts

It's so simple.

If you are looking for IVF clinics, Egg donors, Specialist or Offers follow the steps:

1. Choose one of the four options from the menu (Clinics, Egg Donors*, Offers/Discounts*, and Specialist/Doctors). Click to see the menu
2. Choose from the search fields what you need (Country, Treatment, etc). Example: Country: Spain and Treatment: Any.
3. Get the Results.
4. Choose the desired clinic(s) from the list and check all the provided services.

*If you wish to get access to our Egg Donors and Offers/Discount database you should first create an account for free. Just click: account registration area

If you need more details about your treatment you can check our customized services.

What are the benefits provided to our free registered users?

Registering as a user, you obtain the following benefits:

√ Full access to Pregnancy & IVF Clinics Worldwide website.

√ Full access to our worldwide special fertility price offers & discount database.

√ Prioritized alerts about any new special fertility price offers or discounts especially with ‘first-come-first-served’ treatment offers.

√ Full access to our unique worldwide Egg Donor database.

√ Prioritized e-mail alerts about new Egg Donors availability.

√ General support about your chosen service on request.

It's advisable first to complete the related form at the account registration area of Pregnancy & IVF Clinics Worldwide site.

If you have specific questions, please feel free to contact us.

We strive to respond to messages within 2 - 4 working days. If you don't have a response by then, please check your spam filter.