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Fertility Clinics Guidelines (general)

Choosing an IVF clinic is something too important to be left to luck. It should be based on objective criteria that fulfill each couple’s needs. There are thousands of IVF clinics around the world.

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boardBefore choosing, each couple should first do research on issues related to the clinic (e.g. if the clinic follows the regulations of the country, if the IVF unit is legally registered, etc.).

The couple can also receive information on more specific issues such as the law of the country regulating ART procedures, the experience of the clinic staff, their technological equipment, etc.

Data of 2006 indicate that in the European Union from 971 Assisted Reproduction clinics only 812 were recorded in the National Registries or in the European IVF Monitoring. Among them:

→13 countries out of 27 used to have a maximum number of 15 Assisted Reproductive Units

→9 countries out of 27 between 16 to 100 Assisted Reproductive Units, and

→4 countries out of 27 more than 100 Assisted Reproductive Units.

This is the list of the Assisted Reproductive Units reporting to a registry in 2006 in Europe (.pdf file).

In Directive 2004/23/EC it is clearly stated that all Member States of the European Union, shall ensure that assisted reproduction units are accredited, designated, authorized or licensed by a competent authority. In a 2009 analysis regarding Quality Control & Assurance System (.pdf file) it is reported that in 11 Member States, such authority has never been established.