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Questions to ask

Choosing a fertility clinic is a very personal decision and a couple may need to consider a few important issues in order to choose the best clinic for its needs. Below, you can find some of the 10 questions that you might want to ask your clinic, in order to make the most out of your first consultation:

10 Questions to ask a fertility clinic

1.  What are the causes of infertility questionand what type of diagnostic tests should you

2.  What is the most suitable stimulation protocol for you and why?

3.   What are the potential risks and side effects of fertility drugs?

4.   How many patients with similar criteria and fertility issues to yours, achieve a pregnancy per year?

5.   What will the next step be after treatment failure?

6.   What steps could you and your partner take, before starting with your treatment, towards increasing your chances of success (e.g. nutrition, exercise, etc.)?

7.   What are the costs involved in your treatment program, including any other costs that might arise from ultrasound scans, blood and hormone testing, medication, etc.?

8.   Does your clinic offer any discount programs?

9.   Does your clinic offer counseling or support services by an experienced psychologist?

10.   What happens next, once you leave the clinic?

All these are general questions you might want to ask before deciding whether to proceed or not. However, you should also be fully informed on questions you should ask for a successful IVF program (.pdf file) such as success rates, staff experience, legal issues, etc. You should feel fully informed about whether you intend to travel abroad or receive treatment in your country. Do not forget that this kind of information will help you make the most out of your treatment and increase your success chances.