The first home male fertility testing kit launches

The world’s first home male fertility testing kit, assessing semen quality and sperm concentration, is a fact and it has already been launched in the UK.

For all those shy men out there, this device can save them the embarrassment of a fertility clinic as they will be able to measure their fertility at the comfort of their home.


The world’s first home male fertility testing kit, assessing semen quality and sperm concentration, is a fact.

This novel sperm test kit is called ‘’Swim Count’’ and it has been developed by Motility Count, a Danish company. According to fertility experts of Motility Count just measuring the sperm concentration is not enough for assessing male fertility as there is no indication of the semen quality. They refer to the product as an easy to use, reliable test with 96% accuracy compared to conventional sperm tests done under the microscope.

And how is it used? According to manufactures, men initially have to collect their semen in a pot (without the use of a condom as it may harm the sperm cells) and leave it there for 30 minutes so that the sample liquefies. Next, they have to stir the semen sample with the supplied syringe a few times and finally collect 0,5 ml of it with the syringe and place it into the well of the device.

The device changes color showing whether the number of properly motile sperm cells is normal, which is 5.000.000 / ml, as defined by WHO (World Health Organization). When the test turns purple that indicates that the sperm cells are highly motile.

Fertility experts of Motility Count recommend men with poor sperm quality, below the test’s threshold, to counsel on a doctor for further investigation of their condition if they wish to conceive a child. They also suggest some lifestyle tips that could improve male fertility such as healthy eating, normal weight, no use of steroids, reduce alcohol consumption, quit smoking and more.

This product is manufactured by JRBiomedical Ltd, based in North Wales and it is available to buy online.

Would you trust such a device for a fertility assessment or you would still choose a fertility clinic over it?

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