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General Info

What is Pregnancy & IVF Clinics Worldwide platform?

Our team consists of highly valued members working in the field of Fertility and Assisted conception for many years. We very well know the special needs of subfertile couples who seek the ideal clinic or fertility provider in order to achieve their long standing desire, a successful pregnancy.

Pregnancy & IVF Clinics Worldwide offers an electronic link between all the Fertility providers, specialists, reputable assisted conception units and couples interested in their services. It gives information on IVF services worldwide and searching assistance to patients according to their needs and demands.

Our aim is to offer complete and honest information so that our patients are fully assisted and finally find the best suitable choice independently.

The patients of our website will use their own objective criteria to critically assess all the advice offered by yourself, in addition to our effortless attempt to introduce your clinic and services in the best way possible.

Why collaborate with Pregnancy & IVF Clinics Worldwide?

• Our team is highly specialized in fertility and we know how assisted conception services function.
• You will be included in the most comprehensive database of Fertility specialists and assisted conception clinics in the world.
• We'll provide you for FREE Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in your dedicated website profile in Pregnancy & IVF Clinics Worldwide.
• Your online presence will increase web traffic with improved visibility.
• Free promotion through social media platforms or press release.
• A unique and global online Egg donor database with full profiles is also included.
• Thousands of patients and potential clients worldwide will access information of your services and seek contact with you.
• You are invited to use our portal for writing articles or news regarding fertility.
• You can participate in our blog, give answers to couples’ questions, sharing opinions and get connected with people from all over the world.

How can I add my clinic or professional profile to the site?

All the fertility providers all welcome to add their profile in our database. As fertility provider means any IVF clinic, fertility specialist, egg bank, sperm bank, medical company or agency coinvolved in this field.

You can add your Data just by clicking Add / Renew your Data and following the 3 steps:

1. Download the sample forms
2. Add your data and info
3. Send us the forms

For informations regarding costs, any issues or questions you can fill the relevant form on Just ask us page with the subject title: “My online presence”.

How to participate in Pregnancy & IVF Clinics Worldwide's program?

• You can add your clinic’s or professional profile’s details in our global server.
• You can present all the available services according to local legislation and regulation procedures.
• You may release any special fertility treatment price, offers or discounts.
• You can upload your Egg Donors availability and profiles (max 5 profiles).

Your services will be presented to thousands of potential patients

Communication among IVF clinics & doctors with patients

You may add your clinic’s or professional profile in Pregnancy & IVF Clinics Worldwide web site. You can include all the information a patient may need like informative text, photos or videos that can be reviewed and changed any time you want.
A patient can find you through our site following ways:
- Searching for your clinic’s registered name directly
- Searching for clinics in your country generally,
- Looking for specific services you may offer (Egg Donors, Discounts programs) which are already registered in our site by your team, or by
- Searching for your professional profile, specialty or name.

How a patient can search for clinics or doctors in the lists of Pregnancy & IVF Clinics Worldwide

Clinics or Doctors can be found on a list and their viewing can be arranged:
- alphabetically
- according to the priority of registration with Pregnancy & IVF Clinics Worldwide
- whether they receive special recognition like the ‘Verified Clinic’ and ‘Verified Doctor’ reward
- according to special arrangements with the Pregnancy & IVF Clinics Worldwide administrator, so that a clinic may be presented among the first on the database or the latest list, for a certain period of time.
Please feel free to contact us for additional information.

What is the "Verified Clinic" and "Verified Doctor" program?

It is obvious that the patients develop more trust when a clinic’s or a personal profile is well informative about the services it offers.
The introduction of the ‘Verified Clinic’ and ‘Verified Doctor’ certification is based on the creation of mutual trust between clinics/doctors and patients and our attempt to reward those who aim to present a full profile of their services, assisting the thousands of patients to acquire a complete picture of the offered services.

Each clinic or doctor that participates with a full profile will be assessed by our team and will gain the aforementioned verification free of charge. Our special award will appear on the clinic’s or doctor’s profile indicating this special service. Therefore, you will be able to become ‘verified’ if you can only send your detailed profile for our team to include you in our Pregnancy & IVF Clinics Worldwide list.

In addition, the special certificate of ‘Verified’ can be sent to you so that you can use it for your own web site and promote it in your social media, confirming your valuable collaboration with Pregnancy & IVF Clinics Worldwide platform. This certificate usually is valid for a year and its extension requires a valid update of your profile annually.

Is my listing to the Pregnancy & IVF Clinics Worldwide free?

The listing of your clinic’s registered name and personal profile has a basic fee. There will be also, a different charge for those clinics or fertility providers, wishing to participate in our enquiries, and/or marketing/ads program, assisting our clients – patients.
The Fertility providers can choose between various ads or marketing programs in order to present the best way possible their services. For example, you can choose:
1. Just our enquiry program
2. Only banner ads
3. Be presented as partners-featured clinics and providers
4. Be presented as latest clinics
5. Combined marketing packages (ex: Banners ads plus latest clinics)

Pregnancy & IVF Clinics Worldwide offers an additional and unique opportunity for you.

What about advertisement and marketing campaigns?

Pregnancy & IVF Clinics Worldwide offers various ad formats and marketing packages for the best presentation of your Clinic and services.

For example, Fertility providers can choose between:
1. Our enquiry programs
2. Banner ads
3. Be presented as partners-featured clinics and providers
4. Be presented as latest clinics
5. Combined marketing packages (ex: Banners ads plus latest clinics)

The banners could be placed in the Top/Middle or in the Bottom of the home page. Up to 4 advertisers rotate randomly on a page in order to reach every visitor.

According to the banner place position (Top/Middle/Bottom), page in our site (home page or middle pages position), the “enquiries package” or combined marketing program you may wish, we can offer you a customized advertising package fee.

We support individualization and for this reason if any fertility provider wishes to form a personalized package that suits special requirements, we are happy to listen to your proposals and do our best to help you. Please feel free to contact us in order to design a new deal.

What are the ‘Enquiries’ ?

Potential patients visiting Pregnancy & IVF Clinics Worldwide can be informed about:

• your professional profile
• your clinic’s profile and related services
• the available oocyte donors of your centre
• the special prices and promotions you may offer

The enquiries are basically e-mails that will be sent to you by our patients with questions about your services, your offers, and availability of a particular egg donor or anything else relevant to your profile.
Therefore, the enquiries that you will receive by email from our patients interested in your services, will be accompanied by their personal details, usually including:

- Full name
- Email
- Telephone number
- Country of origin
- Which of your services attracted their interest
- Short medical history and
- Any information they believe is necessary to the enquiry they wish to make.
It’s very clear when a patient decides to send you all of the above personal details, means that interested very seriously for the services you offer. So, sooner you get in contact with the patient and more accurate you are in your answer, the higher the chances to become your client.

What are the charges of enquiries & the package deals offered by Pregnancy & IVF Clinics Worldwide?

Pregnancy & IVF Clinics Worldwide has developed certain plans of collaboration with clinics. Each clinic or independent medical professional may choose from a range of package deals (enquiries/emails). Pricing depends on the package chosen with a range from 5 to 20 euro per each enquiry.
Keep in mind that mostly we offer full marketing and ads plans and not individuals enquiries plans but if you wish so you are welcome.

Each interested clinic or healthcare professional, can choose and buy one package and deposit the required payment using PayPal or bank transfer. Then, each account is credited according to the incoming enquiries through Pregnancy & IVF Clinics Worldwide.

The deal needs renewal with another deposit only when the number of enquiries exceeds the agreed prepaid package, confirming the cost-effectiveness of our collaboration.
A clinic, for example, may start using a simple package, like Pack 1 (just 5 enquires) and if later wishes may buy the same or another type of package according to their needs.

We support individualization and for this reason if a clinic or doctor wishes to form a personalized deal that suits special requirements we are happy to listen to your proposals and do our best to help you. Please feel free to contact us in order to design a new deal.

All enquiries/emails are constantly checked by Pregnancy & IVF Clinics Worldwide team. The reason is that a patient may place an enquiry addressed to you for a service that you do not offer or it’s totally different according to your listing profile. We will scrutinize enquiries and do our best to prevent such enquiries and save costs from you. In the case that we miss such an enquiry you can on the spot contact us and we will prevent any related charges to your account.

In addition, we want to make clear that only the first enquiry is charged from any potential patient towards a clinic or doctor. All future correspondence of any type between the certain patient and the clinic is totally free.

It is really helpful to add our email on the recipients’ list any time you answer to a patient so that we can verify your prompt answer in the case that a complaint is placed for unanswered or incomplete enquiries. This will prevent negative comments that patients usually make. We will support you against any such action as long as we receive a copy of your correspondence.

You will receive a detailed list of all the enquiries/emails received by Pregnancy & IVF Clinics Worldwide monthly, along with your statement of account.
For more information or questions on the package deals please contact us.

What are the factors that affect the number of enquiries / emails that you receive?

It is obvious that the number of enquiries/emails may depend on many factors such as:

• The special services that you offer
• The complete profile of your clinic presented by Pregnancy & IVF Clinics Worldwide
• Patients’ questions / information requests
• The available balance of your account, etc

Our aim is to serve satisfactorily the thousands of web patients and the clinics that trust our program. For this reason, even when a clinic has no more balance on its account, enquiries/emails of patients will be received for a short period of time.

How can you accomplish more enquiries / emails and consequently more potential patients?

The sooner you contact a patient, the higher are the chances to make her your client. Our advice is to contact a patient in 48 hours from the moment you receive her enquiry.
It would be useful to respect the type of communication that a patient prefers (email or telephone contact).
A clear communication, along with an accurate calculation of related costs, are always appreciated by patients.
A complete, honest and prompt answer to an enquiry can be the cornerstone of a good patient-doctor relationship.

How can you increase your online presence and consequently your potential clients?

Pregnancy & IVF Clinics Worldwide can help you increase the opportunities of your clinic to be chosen by a patient just by listing you in our website. Then, you can present your special knowledge on a certain subfertility topic, related to the services you provide.

You may also send an article that we can upload to our web free of charge, ready for your clients to read. This may be of any size, including photographs, tables and any other type of information in any form that you believe can assist your patients. Such information will be screened by our specialists’ team and will be immediately available. You should only ask your webmaster to connect the link from your site to Pregnancy & IVF Clinics Worldwide.

Another useful way is to contribute to the blogs available in our site. You may feel free to offer answers to questions posed be potential clients, take part in discussions and present different topics that your clinic and your long experience can further clarify.

What about Review?

Patients can review each clinic, as long as they are registered with Pregnancy & IVF Clinics Worldwide. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you answer favorable or not in the comments.
Dealing with comments discretely, immediately establishes a higher level of trust and potential clients become contented by such professionalism.