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The IVF Clinics Worldwide consists of a team of people with more than 20 years of experience in assisted conception and fertility field.

It has been a long time ago that we realized the constantly increasing needs and demands of subfertile couples. For these couples IVF Clinics Worldwide launched this electronic platform.

Dr Dimitris Mantas, PhD

The founder, Dr Dimitris Mantas is a Senior Clinical Embryologist and he is working in the field of molecular and reproductive biology since 1996. He concluded his PhD in human male infertility at the Department of Embryology and Histology, at Medical School – University of Athens.

Dr Dimitris has been trained and worked in many countries in Europe, Middle East and USA. He is an active member in committees and scientific fertility organizations. He attends international fertility workshops, congress and conferences in order to be updated with the latest news of assisted reproductive technologies. He is speaker at fertility conferences and has published in many international peer-reviewed journals.

Dr Dimitris has dedicated his career to helping intended parents facing infertility problems. Having the privilege of working all these years in fertility clinics, he gained the huge experience of knowing perfectly any aspect of the IVF and assisted conception.

In IVF Clinics Worldwide, clinics and fertility specialists from all over the world, are presented with the information required for couples to make the best available choice.

This unique web portal aims to assist those couples by offering:
•   A complete source of information on Assisted Reproduction, such as specialists, treatments, current legislations and costs.

•   The largest database of Assisted Reproduction clinics in the world and their available treatments, like:

√    IVF / ICSI treatment
√   Egg / Sperm or Embryo donation
√   Surrogacy, Frozen embryo transfer
√   PGD / PGS, Gender selection, etc.

•  Individualized search according to couples’ criteria, in a unique and innovative online database of Egg Donors with complete access to donors’ profiles and required details.

•  Access to promotional and special offers by Assisted Reproduction clinics, regarding treatments, medications, success guarantee packages, and other service discounts, to help couples in these high-cost processes.

About our team•  Customized Fertility Services. All the IVF Clinics Worldwide team will help you exploring all your options for the best possible treatment. With the Customized Fertility Services and Premium Membership program, it will be possible to get a personalized assistance and support in order to take the right decision. Our people can search on your behalf, quickly among reputable clinics and trusted agencies from all over the world without wasting your time and your money.

IVF Clinics Worldwide have the experience that will facilitate the beginning of your journey towards parenthood.