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Fertility Clinics


As the largest database of fertility clinics worldwide we aim to provide you with the best quality services possible in the field of infertility and Assisted Reproduction.

Through our platform we intend to present you the IVF clinics’ profiles the best way possible. It’s recommended, for serving you better, to obtain information about staff, treatments, prices, etc from clinics already “Verified” by Pregnancy & IVF Clinics Worldwide. That way we can ensure the data provided in our platform.

Search process for Clinics or treatments. It’s so simple.


Once you select the location of preference (Europe, US, etc) and / or the desired treatment, the system will automatically provide you with a list of clinics.

Click the add (+) button to select the desired clinic(s) and your preference will be stored to your account for your future search. Browse the full clinic’s profile with all the details of the services, staff, treatments, etc.

If you wish to get all the benefits provided to our registered users you should create a free account first.

You can see any time all the selected Fertility Clinics just by clicking in the upper right corner of the web page, Member’s area, “See your saved preferences”.

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About you and your partner: Ex. Age, Treatment country, Medical history, Infertility assessment, Multiple IVF failures, Partner details, etc.

Which treatment or service exactly are you looking for: Gender selection, Fertility preservation, Egg freezing, Embryo donation, Sperm donation, Singles / unmarried couples, Genetic testing of embryos – PGD, NGS, a-CGH, Time lapse monitoring, IMSI, IVM, PISCI, Era test, etc and any kind of information that it could be helpful for the search process.