Cinnamon: a fertile spice

Did you know that cinnamon apart from sweet and tasty is also a ‘’fertile’’ spice? It is pretty much known that cinnamon has many health benefits but now new research suggests that its properties make cinnamon a great ally for infertility problems.


If you are suffering from PCOS it might worth to give cinnamon a chance.

One of the most common causes of infertility in women is PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome). It affects approximately 5-10% of women of reproductive age and it can cause ovary cysts, acne, body and facial hair overgrowth, obesity, severe menstrual irregularities and as a consequence infertility.

Quite often, women with PCOS are found to have elevated insulin levels causing them insulin resistance and therefore are more likely to develop diabetes. However, elevated insulin levels do not only increase blood sugar levels but they can also differentiate reproductive hormones’ levels, crucial for ovulation and menstrual cycle.

Many women with PCOS who struggle to get pregnant once they have their insulin levels regulated, they do see an improvement of their fertility. According to a research from the University of Columbia, it appears that daily cinnamon consumption can aid in menstrual cycle regulation for women with PCOS.

45 women with PCOS took part in the study and they were split in two groups. Half of them received natural cinnamon supplements twice a day while the other half received a placebo tablet with no cinnamon. After six months, women who consumed cinnamon daily had over 4 menstrual cycles more in average compared to the placebo group. Furthermore, 2 women of the cinnamon group achieved pregnancy during the actual study adding to the belief that cinnamon may work as a fertility booster.

So, if you are suffering from PCOS it might worth to give cinnamon a chance. Even though during this small clinical trial the optimal cinnamon dose was not investigated, it was only shown that it works, you could advise your doctor on the matter and the possibility to add a daily dose of the spice to your nutrition. For the study women consumed 1500 mg of cinnamon per day so this amount might be enough for improving your fertility as well.

So far, it is not known whether more women, other than those diagnosed with PCOS, could benefit from cinnamon in terms of fertility but there is surely no harm in trying it!

So, how about spicing up your life a bit with a dash of cinnamon?

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